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US Email Office About Us Page

Passion led us here and the lack of the perfect email address until now.

About Us Us Email Office

US Email Office About Us Page, where do we begin? The US Email Office is a small chapter S family-owned business, the company currently supports 22 humans, three cats, and four dogs, one tiny hamster, not in the same house with cats.

Pictured is me (on left) with my daughter Jess, and Chris is on the right, Moira is in her daddy’s arms, spending a day at Disney in Orlando Fl. Jess is Moira’s beautiful mommy.

So one day (back in 2004) after several failed attempts to obtain a legible email address… I was thinking how great it would be if I could get an email address using my first name vs my name with various characters, underscores, and numbers. I wasn’t really keen on generic extensions like Hotmail, Yahoo extensions for my email address. After doing online research and considering my email needs for several days, I decided there was none to be had and thus I started US Email Office in 2004. A few years later and many new domain purchases and thousands of new email setups, we are still providing great email addresses for our clients. It’s been amazing and fun.

Chris is in one of the techies and works in the IT dept, Jess is in our customer care dept. and I (Mona) am the creative genius and put out the fires if they get started. No really, there are no real fires, and I work in all the departments as needed. Each day is filled with some fun get together’s in the snack room.

Our Premium Email Service, Domain Sales, domain leasing and new domain acquisitions keeps all of us very busy.

US Email Office About Us Page

We are passionate about providing great email addresses and always searching for the best extensions for our clients to utilize. We provide premium email addresses as well as websites to match.

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