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United States Email Office FAQs

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Our Prestigious Email Forwarding services are backed up by our pioneering Guarantee. Our guarantee is our promise of the fastest speed and quality of service that you should expect from the United States Email Office. We are committed to providing excellence in delivering your email.

How Fast Are Your Email Servers?

An average bullet travels approximately 2,500 feet per second “1,700 mph”. Our Servers will send your email at approximately 186,282 miles per second, approximately 110 times faster than a bullet travels.

What kind of servers do you use?

Never miss an email again. Our servers never sleep and work in pairs, so if an unknown issue momentarily causes a hiccup with one of our servers, your email passes it up and continues to its destination through our backup servers. Your email never stops until it reaches its destination. Our way to guarantee that your email is always delivered to your designated inbox.

What is a premium email address?

A Premium email address just looks and sounds more professional. A prestigious email address makes an immediate impression and places you in a position to build trust with every email. A prestigious email address can make the difference between a sell or even a date.  Because it’s too unforgettable… and too beautiful and too admiring … to forget. A Premium EMail Address is a natural extension of your personality, giving your public persona access to an extra dimension. Everyone that hears or reads your email address will take a moment to reflect and put your face to the email address which makes you more effective and helps you improve your life goals and productivity.

What if I forget my email address?

Not to worry, you will not forget your beautiful and unforgettable email address, but if you do, just contact us, we will fetch it for you.

How many email addresses can I have?

As many as you wish, the cost is discounted for family groups and workgroups.

What is an email alias?

An email alias is an email address that sounds and looks more appealing to disguise a free email address. You know, one of those free email addresses like

Is there a limit to how many emails I can receive through your servers?

Approximately 200 emails per day are allowed per user, our email servers never sleep, as long as there are no spam complaints from your usage of our services.

Do you offer support?

Award-Winning Customer Support 7/24. You can have confidence knowing we’ve got your back every step of the way. Our award-winning customer service features actual service experts to assist with your needs. With decades of proven experience, you can trust us to have answers to all your questions, and solutions for any issues that may pop up.

What do I need to make my email work?

After purchasing the prestigious email address that’s best for you, you have no need to do anything. We will set your new prestigious email up for you with the information you submitted on the sign-up form.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get a prestigious email address. The first step is choosing your email extension name from the drop-down list. The second step is choosing your email address prefix, like your first name or business name or whatever you wish. Once you’ve registered your name you can use it as your email address. Usually, we can have your new prestigious email address working the same day or the next day.

I am based outside the United States, can I purchase a prestigious email address?

Of course, you can, as many as you wish.

Where can I get a free generic email address?

Currently, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are the most popular free generic email address providers: and you can get one of our prestigious email address as an alias.

What Is a Business Email Address?

It’s a smart business decision to acquire a personalized email address for business purposes, you can utilize any of our business domain extensions. Business email addresses make a great professional impression. Examples: you can get our professional business email address for each team or individual team member. This is a great way to show customers they’re communicating with the right person.

Is my email secure?

All email sent to you through the United States Email Office Servers does not stop at our servers unless your forwarding email address is unavailable. If such an event occurs, your email is *held until your local email service is back up and running. *Unless you cancel your account or your account is not renewed. When email accounts are cancelled, all email is destroyed that is in the account secured servers.