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Data Breach and Security

Data Breach and Security

Not asking and not collecting critical personal sensitive data is the best data breach and technology concept. The best data breach procedure is not asking for personal information not required. Office forms at medical offices and hospitals, for instance, requesting a ton of personal information. The real mainstream scoop on data breach security and procedures appear to be make-believe.

Corporations maintain our personal sensitive data on computer hard drives. Most large companies lease space on Amazon Servers, Google Servers, Microsoft Servers, or other leased servers from similar hosting companies. Social security, driving license info, & Credit Card numbers on forms are critical fields on computers. sometimes the data is encrypted and sometimes not… because all the data is kept in a computer somewhere.

It’s required that some employees be knowledgable of the contents and the passcodes. Not all reported computer hacks are actually hacks, the hackers may have had the passcode. All the personal data located in all the computers on our planet is at risk. All it takes is a disgruntled employee or an employee’s boyfriend or girlfriend that has access to the other’s laptop. Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea is a magical story, but secured computers get hacked way too often is a true story.

The year 2019 has been a landmark year for data breaches, there have been over 3,800 breaches—a 50% increase over the last four years, according to the report published by Risk Based Security on Wednesday. Aug 15, 2019,